Cloud computing: A brief guide on how the cloud works

Cloud this, cloud that. It seems like cloud computing is all you hear about in tech these days.The adoption of cloud computing is growing at a tremendous rate. In 2019 the cloud market is expected to reach a size of 206.2 billion dollars.

If you’re wondering how the cloud works, this post will tell you what you need to know. Keep reading to learn what the cloud is and how it powers many of the web’s largest web applications.

cloud computing

What is the Cloud

Ever since the internet has been around, not much has changed in the way companies deliver content. You have a web server that hosts a web application. A visitor would visit their webpage, and the webserver would send content back to the visitor.

Not much has changed on the consumer side, but much has changed on the company side. Cloud services no longer use a server to deliver data on the internet.

Instead of running a server, companies can now rent resources that are available on-demand. You don’t own the computing resources anymore.

This infrastructure allows companies to pay only for what they need.



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