CIOs moving the needle on FITARA scorecard point to successful cloud adoption

Chief information officers at two agencies that received higher overall marks on their FITARA scorecards this year, and a third CIO whose agency got an ‘A’ on data center closures, told members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee that efforts to move to the cloud have led to greater efficiencies and cost savings.

The Education Department, for example, has met its data center consolidation goal, and no longer has any on-site data centers. Education CIO Jason Gray told members of the oversight committee that the agency is in the middle of a “cloud consolidation,” which has allowed the agency to reduce data storage costs from $1.43 per gigabyte to 12 cents.


“There are savings to be had in data center consolidation and movement to the cloud,” subcommittee Chairman Gerry Connolly (Va.) said at the June 26 FITARA scorecard hearing. “I think you’re a poster child for doing that.”

Agriculture Department CIO Gary Washington said USDA is implementing a cloud portal within his office’s Digital Infrastructure Services Center, giving the agency an overview “for all things related to USDA cloud, including a Digital Services Catalog, real-time agency adoption statistics and workflow automation.”

Through its Centers of Excellence initiative, USDA will reduce its inventory of data centers from 38 to two, and will streamline its 30 call centers down to one by the end of July.

For a governmentwide view on cloud performance, Federal CIO Suzette Kent said that within the first two years of the Trump administration, more than 1.8 million agency email mailboxes have moved to the cloud, increasing the governmentwide adoption of commercial cloud email from 45% to 72%.



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