In the field of drug discovery, one must always begin with the target, right? Not if you ask Cellarity, a quickly emerging biotech company revolutionizing the drug development space.

Rather than the traditional target centric approach to drug discovery, Cellarity works at the level of the cell to understand how disease impacts cell behavior via a target agnostic approach that can help illuminate the most complex diseases science has not yet been able to crack.

“For decades, drug discovery has been about reducing diseases down to a single molecular target that we can drug to influence the course of a given disease,” explained Cellarity CEO Fabrice Chouraqui, who is also a CEO-Partner at Flagship Pioneering. “This approach has produced a significant number of breakthrough treatments, but the target-centric assumptions that we make in vitro or in vivo do not often translate into human. Human biology is far more complex than any single target could ever predict, which is one reason why right now many drugs fail in clinical development. Our approach is different.”


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