Alibaba Cloud hopes its ‘Tech for Change’ scheme will fuel global growth

Alibaba Cloud launched its ‘Tech for Change’ initiative back in February. At its heart it’s a venture that aims to show how digital can be used for good, but for Alibaba Cloud’s global marketing manager, Sharon Song, there’s also an opportunity for Cloud to carve out its own voice on the global stage.

Driven by the belief that technology has the potential to transform lives, the scheme from the cloud computing arm of China’s biggest digital business, is calling upon enterprises, startups and young entrepreneurs around the globe to find an answer to global social and humanitarian challenges using its tech.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud chose Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as a platform to showcase some of the early partnerships it has forged as part of the initiative; including a collaboration that will see it work with iamtheCode to support young women programmers in marginalised communities.

“We want to tell the story of how technology can change lives,” Song explains. “And that technology is for all human beings, not just for enterprises.”

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