Advantages of using VPS Hosting –

Starting a business? A website is what you need to establish a global presence. Once you finalize a website design, you will be looking next onto web hosting. Although there are various choices available today, which ones suit you the best? Let us walk you through one of the best affordable and reliable choice available, VPS or Virtual Private server.


First, let us talk about what a server is.

To put it simply a server is a very powerful computer that stores all of your Data files used to create your website. When someone is looking for you using your domain name, they are redirected to that powerful machine. Coming to VPS the server is split using virtual technology to make multiple virtual servers.

The server runs a custom OS with root access for the administrator, a pre-specified amount of RAM and has secure shell access for remote administration. A VPS hosting is a combination of both shared and dedicated hosting.



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