Romy Hughes, director at Brightman, reveals the five steps she believes are necessary to deliver digital transformation in the public sector

5 steps to deliver digital transformation in the public sector during lockdown.

COVID-19 didn’t create the business case for remote working; but it took away the excuses not to do it. When the lockdown hit, we saw the most rapid change in work behaviour ever seen. Many of those organisations that had been wary of allowing their employees to work from home were so surprised by how productive — and cost-effective — it was, that many employees are still working from home, despite Boris Johnson’s many pleas to “get back to work” .

If all remote working needed was the removal of the last few excuses not to do it, what other great ideas have been waiting for their moment to shine? Could the much broader trend of “digital transformation” be ready for prime time? Already well underway in many private sector organisations — and to an extent in some public sector departments too — could digitisation be ready to ride on the coat tails of remote working?


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