4 steps to ensure virtual machine security in cloud computing

Security is a problem. Network security is an even bigger problem because of the complex factors that define risks and the profound negative effects that can occur if you fail.

Virtual network security is the worst problem of all because it combines issues generated by traditional hosting and application security with those from network security, and then adds the challenges of virtual resources and services. It’s no wonder we’re only now starting to recognize the problems of cloud-virtual networking. And we’re a long way from solving them.

cloud computing

Security should always be viewed as an incremental matter. How much different is the current situation than situations already experienced, tolerated or addressed? In the case of cloud-virtual security for networks, the biggest difference is virtual-to-resource mapping, meaning the framework required to connect hosted components. In short, cloud-virtual service security issues occur because security tools designed to protect hosted software features are different than those safeguarding physical devices.



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